The Nagazasshi is an English language magazine created and published in Nagasaki, Japan.

The Nagazasshi started in 2007 (originally Nagasaki Beats and rebooted in 2009 with its current name) and is a Japan-based English language magazine. It’s free, community-funded, and created by dedicated volunteers, mostly expats, living throughout the prefecture. This magazine is for all English speakers, including visitors and language learners alike. Each issue features businesses, events, and articles related to Nagasaki and beyond from an international perspective. Copies can be found in select locations throughout Nagasaki City, Sasebo, Omura, Shimabara, Goto, and Saikai.

We publish our print magazine quarterly, both in print and online, and publish regular podcasts. Our magazine and podcast consist of various types of pieces, from journalism, to tourist recommendations, to creative work, and beyond. The name is a mix of the words “Nagasaki,” where we are based, and “zasshi,” which means “magazine” in Japanese.

We try to promote interesting or obscure aspects of culture and life in Nagasaki and throughout Japan. We also include useful information for people who live in Japan, especially other expats. We hope to create a sense of curiosity in our readers about where they live, whether they’ve lived here for years or whether they’re only visiting for a few days.

Previous Nagazasshi issues can also be found at, but check out our online articles here at our Blog.

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